Stupidity is a disease

More idiocy from the crispies:

New public health directives in Alabama are forcing pro-lifers to either deny their beliefs or lose their jobs. State officials recently issued a regulation that forcing all clinics in the state to offer the abortifacient morning after pill....Christian Coalition of Alabama (CCA) notes, "We have been contacted by at least a half dozen women who were forced to either distribute the pills or face disciplinary action. Several other employees, still working for the Alabama Department of Public Health (ADPH), contacted us as well about their opposition to distributing the pills."
That's like a skinhead going to synagogue and complaining that it's not anit-semitic enough. Well.....duh.
Wait, it gets better:
Lenita Akles, ADPH Nursing Supervisor for Calhoun County, said the following, "After 13 years of working with the state, which was my dream come true job*, I was forced to make a choice between my Christian faith and my job as a nursing supervisor." Linda Bell, a nurse in Montgomery said, "I was only given one choice: follow the mandated protocol. This was something I could not do because it violated my Christian principles."
Talk about aspiring to be mediocre. Are they wanting me to feel sorry for them? If I refuse to do my job, I'll be fired, too. They're like two year olds, throwing a tantrum if they don't get their way. waaaaahhhh....waaaahhhhh... I'll cry you river, right after I'm through laughing.

*emphasis mine