Moore's Senate Hearing

Bill on judges gets a hearing

Is it just me or is Moore starting to resemble a bad charicture of himself. The man sounds like a broken record:

"acknowledge God, acknowledge God, acknowledge God"

So this hearing was about a bill, introduces by Sen. Shelby, that would limit the courts ability to rule on cases involving the acknowledgment of God "as the sovereign source of law, liberty or government."
Can we say unconstitutional? I think we can. Can we also say "instant theocracy"? Just add water. (for high altitude cooking: replace water with 3 parts christian-fundie-nutbags.) Rinse repeat.*
We need to require all congressmen (state and federal) to undergo a course in constitutional law every year. Maybe they would stop wasting the taxpayers time and money (and more money) with this bullshit.

P.S. And Shelby seems to be the more moderate of our two senators. Sessions is a fucktard.

*Yes, I have had about three too many cups of coffee.