Loonies in "Bama

Example #1 - Baptists

"God does not approve of same-sex marriage!" the Rev. Steve Gaines, pastor of First Baptist Church in Gardendale, thundered during the convention sermon. "There is no way God endorses any kind of marriage except a man and a woman."
This guys just plain old-fashioned crazy. Unless he has a direct line to the Big Man himself, how does he know what god thinks. Even the bible doesn't make a clear stance on homosexuality, regardless of what most people think it says. The bible has some interesting parts, people should try actually reading it.

Example #2 - Christian Coalition & Rep. Robert Aderholt
Alabama's Christian Coalition is fighting a new policy at the state Department of Public Health that requires its clinics to offer patients the morning-after pills following unprotected intercourse.
Nothing Like making sure that the poor and young don't receive adequate medical care. When is the last time that withholding information from a patient was a good thing? ..........never. Why does the Christion Coalition think they have a right to decide what medical treatment is appropriate? .........Pride. These guys really tick me off.

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