June Fling

June Fling III is scheduled for this Saturday, June 5th in downtown Oneonta.

Main St. Stage Scheule
9am to 10am - Tom Prickett, Chris Green, & Friends
10am to 11am - Mark Dunn
11am to 12noon - Melissa Lawler
12noon to 1pm - Jo Ann Bullard
1pm to 2pm - Angie Noojin
2pm to 3pm - Amy Simmons
*3pm until ... - Sky Dogs with Brent Sibley
Crossroads Cruisers (antique car show)
"Arts and Crafts"

If you're into that kind of thing, come on down. The local economy could use some tourist dollars.

*This probably means about 5pm. It's Blount County fer Chrissakes. Not much in the way of a night life 'round here.

UPDATE:Free parking, apparently.