An Explanation

I'm afraid I may be starting to sound like The Raving Atheist. I don't normally have this much hostility toward religionists (is that even a word), but my wife (don't ask for a picture, you perv) was accosted by a fundamentalist at her place of work. The usual "have you been saved", "are you born again in the lord", "you're not catholic are you?", etc. This is beyond bad manners. You, as a Christian, may feel free to express your religious views at work and not be afraid of being fired. However, if I approached my co-workers asking if they had discovered the truth of atheism, how long do you think it would take before I was fired for creating a "hostile work environment"? I'd be gone by the end of the day. In reality as an atheist I can't even defend myself when approached, as my wife was, by a fundie at work. I have to take it, nod my head, smile, and hope they go the hell away. I don't get this hostile when it happens to me, but I have an instinct to protect my wife and I can't do it in this case.

To sum up: Feel free to spout off any drivel you want, but don't do it when the other party is handicapped in their response. It's not fair. Witness to your heart's content, but don't do it in a place of work. Otherwise, I will brand you a COMPLETE AND TOTAL ASSHOLE FUCKTARD.