Crispies Get the Smackdown

A Rhea County, TN bible class was ruled unconstitutional by U.S. District Judge R. Allan Edgar of Chattanooga.

The 30-minute classes were held weekly for about 800 students in kindergarten through fifth grade at the county's three elementary schools. Parental consent was not required and students were allowed to participate in alternative activities if they objected to the classes.

I hardly think that fifth graders are able to make such judgments, to say nothing of the kindergarteners. They have no basis for determining the validity or lack thereof of things presented to them by the school district as fact. Setting aside the obvious violation of the "establishment clause" of the first amendment, teaching religion as fact is painfully close to deception. Religion, God, Buddha, Allah, etc, are not fact. They are not falsifiable and hence not fact, not by any definition of the word. Let me say it again: "religion is not fact!" At best it could be considered opinion. I would call it mass delusion, but that's just me.

I think this is probably more egregious violation of the constitution than was "Roy's Rock". It' not Alabama so there's no way to spin the story to show how backwards we Alabamans are, hence, very little media coverage.