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Take the quiz: "Which American City Are You?"

San Francisco
Liberal and proud, you'll live your lifestyle however you choose in the face of all that would supress you.

Stupid quiz. I'm going with classical definition of liberal. NOT meaning some left-wing, socialist, nanny-state nutjob.



Oneonta Shooting

Birmingham News via al.com

"An Oneonta police officer assigned to the Blount County Drug Task Force is on paid administrative leave after an incident in which a woman was shot in the leg Monday night. "
Article from May 12.

On leave? If I accidentally shot someone, I'd be put under the jail. What's up?


I'm surprised there's not blood in the streets

Blount country clubs get closer to legal liquor

Two private Blount County golf communities are taking the first steps toward serving alcohol as another group continues efforts to make the whole county wet.

I really haven't heard anyone coming out against this. The petition, to bring county-wide alcohol sales to a vote in November, has been all over the county. I don't frequent any of the local churches, so that may be where most of the opposition is campaigning.

update: In case I wasn't clear about this. I am soooooooooooooooo in favor of allowing alcohol sales in the county. They can probably fund a couple of schools on my consumption alone. Yes, I like me some rum...and beer...and wine...and..umm..What else ya' got?



Truck Stop

The AP via BizBlog Daily.

Explosives scare stops traffic on I-65

Authorities briefly closed Interstate 65 Tuesday after a police dog indicated explosives were on board a truck that had been stopped for an improper tag, but a search turned up nothing...
FBI spokesman Jeff Fuqua said federal law enforcement learned of a tractor-trailer rig traveling with an "obviously altered tag" and notified police.

emphasis mine

What's up with this? Sounds kinda fishy to me? Who travels around with an "obviously altered tag"? And how did the FBI get involved before the stop?


Paging Mr. Soprano..

The AP is reporting that Roy Moore is appealing his removal from office to the Supreme Court.
Can we just get rid of this asshole? There's only so much puritanical grandstanding I can take. Why does this nutbag have to be from Alabama? I could stand it if he was from Mississippi or Louisiana or Texas, but this state needs additional bad press like I need another hole in my head. Why do the fundies get all the press? Is it because they are just so fucking LOUD?
The people I meet in my day-to-day life are not crispys (crispies?) like Moore and his horde. They're just decent hard working people, who don't give a rat's ass about Moore or his damn monument. Don't get me wrong there are some seriously crazy sombitches out there. (That whole Guntersville, Albertville, Boaz strip scares the shit out of me.) But I'm really talking about the rest of us, you know, normal people. :D

I doubt the link will be valid for more than a week.



View from Horton Mill down to the river.


Covered Bridges of BC

As an addition to the post below. Here are a couple of links to the other bridges in the county.

There was a fourth (Nectar, I beleive). Some crazy sombitch set fire to it.


Horton Mill Bridge

I'm posting this picture mostly just to see how it works. Don't laugh I'm NOT a photographer.
Horton Mill Bridge in BC.



As in nunya bidness. Other than I live in beautiful Blount County, Alabama.


Christian Exodus

I'm going to get this mutha' started off on the right note. Hit & Run has a post about a christian group that seeks to "coordinate the move of 50,000 or more Christians to a single conservative state in the U.S. for the express purpose of reestablishing constitutional governance. It is evident that our Constitution has been abandoned under our current federal system."
Basically they want to take over a state and secede from the Union to establish a theocracy. They are considering Mississippi, South Carolina, and ....or course, Alabama.

All I have to say is "DON'T COME TO ALABAMA, YOU FUCK-TWITS. It's not like we need any more fundies here anyway.



Statement of Intention

I'm planning on making this blog mostly about all things local to me. Local politics, news, or whatever. Not that I'm going to ingnore anything national, it's just not in my plans. However, we'll just have to see how things go. I'm sure there will be a fair amount of ranting to go along as well.
This being my first blog, I may not even stay interested long enough to post much of anything.

P.S. It's possible that I'm a raving lunatic, so if you don't like it or I offend you in some way...go away.